Polycapillary Xray Optics (PXO)

Polycapillary Xray optics are arrays of small hollow fibers. X-rays are guided down these curved and tapered tubes by multiple reflections in a manner analogous to the way fiber optics guide light. They differ from single-bore capillaries and X ray mirrors in that the focusing or collecting effects come from the overlap of the beams from thousands of channels, rather than from a few surfaces.

Generally, this results in relatively efficient collection, especially from large divergent sources such as conventional X ray tubes,but does not produce submicron beam spot sizes.

The product is still experimental, final result may vary from designed value. And we need below information to proceed an order.

Dimension Reference of PXO

Notices: This is not a mature product, customization may fail. Partial (50%) of the payment could be refund.

wdt_ID Attributes Values
1 Channel Diameter 10um / 20um
5 Channel Wall Thickness 0.5 - 2um
6 Channel Geometric Hexagonal, Circular
8 Open Area Ratio Above 65%
9 Material Borosilicate glass
41 Type of PXO Focusing, Collimating
44 Customized Charges Estimation $8,250 (Per Model)