Fiber Optic Microwell(FOM)

  • High density array (3um/4um/6um diameter microchamber)
  • Perfect match for your optical reader and specimens
  • Higher Signal to Noise Ratio (by reducing stray light)

Easy for study on single living cell (e.g:mitochondria metabolic response), entrap cell into microchamber for reading. Simple for experiment and highly reproducible.

For getting start with this product, we recommend get some of our stocked sample for understanding the performance.

The specification below are refer to the production possibility with a certain type of material combination.
You can customize the Fiber Microwell with specification mentioned below.

wdt_ID Attribute Value Notes
2 Shape Available Circular, Square, Rectangles The shape here are referred to the outer dimension of the plate. (Not the shape of the microwell)
4 Material Borosilicate glass The major material used in the FOM product
5 Dimension Up to 100mm diagonal The maximum outer dimension we can made
6 Plate Depth ≥0.3mm The thickness of the plate. (But the microwell depth is not equal to this value)
7 Microwell Depth Customizable Depth of the microwell, should be lower than the plate depth
11 Heat Resistance 500℃ The maximum temperature the product can sustain
12 Coating ITO (Indium tin oxide) or other The coating apply on the wall of microwell (Which can further increase the SNR)
13 Microwell Diameter ≥3um The diameter of each microwell.

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Subtyping of Bacillus anthracis:

Mitochondria metabolic response:

Terms Definition Reference
Microwell Diameter (Diagonal) The Diameter of the microwell
Microwell Depth The Depth of the microwell (example in right figure [a] )
Microwell Wall Thickness The wall thickness of each microwell (example in right figure [b])
Plate Depth The Depth of the Whole plate (example in right figure [c])
Coating The coating applied on the wall of microwell. Usually it could be ITO coating. (see right figures)

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