Xray Shielding Fiber Optic Plate

XRay Shielding Fiber Optic Plate

Fiber Pitch:
4um / 6um / 12um 

Core/Clad Ratio:
70/30 and 80/20

Lead Free:

X-Ray blockage Rate / Attenuation: 
93% (Thickness: 1.2mm, X-Ray Power 140KVp.)

Collimated transmission:       
≈78%@550nm (Fiber 6um, Thickness 2mm)

Numerical Aperture:

From 0.5mm and up 

Xray Absorption:

Phosphor Compaitable  :

Maximum Size  :
140 x 140mm

– Accumulated dose: 20000 Gy

– Test Conditions: 160Kev, 1mA

– FOP Thickness: 2mm

The results of the X-ray damage to CCD may lead to below results:

• Increases in dark current
• Increases in flatband voltage

The first, dark current, affects the system operating temperature used
for the operations, whilst the second, changes to Vfb, can impact on the
CCDs ability to function correctly, particularly when transferring charge.

Ultimately, these effects combine to affect the lifetime of the CCDs in
any particular application, and impact on the working lifetime of the

Using XRay Shielding FOP may help you extend the CMOS/CCD lifetime

Further reading:
Radiation Effects on CMOS Image Sensors due to X-Rays

Dark current generated in the image from Xray exposures and a plot showing the increase in dark current with increasing photon dose

Image showing flatband voltage changes in
addition to the dark current increase