1.5x – 3x Fiber Optic Taper (sFOT)

  • 1.5x – 3x Image Magnification (or Concentration)
  • High Sensitivity (Suitable for Low-light condition)
  • Compact Structure (Less bulky than Lens System)
  • Low Distortion (No Spherical, Coma aberration)
  • Easy Configuration (Direct coupling to CCD, all defects are static and removable by alogrithm)

Fiber optic taper is an important component in the scientific camera,xray imaging,fluoroscopy.

The large end of each fiber represents a segment pointing at a specifific direction and guiding the incoming light to the detector, which can receive multiple modes, in a direction normal to its active area. You can achieve the same design with lower cost and complexity.

The specification below are refer to the production possibility with a certain type of material.
You can customize the sFOT with specification mentioned below.

wdt_ID Attribute Values Notes
1 Fiber Diameter (Small End) >= 2um Smaller than 2um is also possible, but quite experimental with us. (meaning costly and easy to fail)
2 Magnification Ratio 2x - 3x Key Parameter of Fiber Optic Taper, you need to specify this when ordering
3 Fiber Diameter (Large End) Small End x Magnification Ratio The fiber size on large end
5 Resolution maximum 228lp/mm Tesing with USAF1951 (3um fiber size on small end)
7 Numerical Aperture (N.A) approx 1.0 The numerical aperture here is referred to N.A on small ema
10 EMA Absorber Interstitial Type or Without The insert type of special fiber to absorb stray light
16 Surface Geometric Circle to Circle, Rectangle to Rectangle

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Single Photon Counting Detector:

Detectors with thin continuous scintillators and (charge coupled devices) CCDs have been used for animal SPECT imaging for their high intrinsic resolution. Thicker scintillators augment detection efficiency but also increase the light spread and difficulty in identification of gamma events.

Fiber optic taper was chosen to simplify the optical propagation model.

Lenless Fluorescent Microscopy:

lens-based optical microscopes have been extensively used for imaging of biological specimens and associated micro-fluidic platforms. With recent advances in fluorescent labeling technologies and imaging components, various discoveries have been made in biological sciences through the use of lens-based microscopes. However, typical imaging field-of-view of such a lens-based optical microscope is not yet compatible with the scale of the micro-fluidic devices that are especially used for high-throughput screening applications.

In addition to this, their relative complexity also makes conventional lens- based microscopes rather bulky and expensive, limiting their use to relatively advanced laboratory settings.

Here  demonstrate a lensless on-chip microscopy platform that can image fluorescent objects over ~60 mm2 field-of-view with <4 µm spatial resolution without the use of any lenses, mechanical scanning or thin-film interference filters.

Terms Definition Reference
Fiber Diameter (Large End) Usually refer to the Fiber Size on Large End of FOT. -
Magnification Ratio The magnification scale from input to output -
Numerical Aperture The acceptance angle (a cone) of the component -
Resolution Decided by the fiber size. Smaller fiber size means a higher resolution the component can convey. -
Taper Height Usually Taper height is around the large end diameter. But there are a few technique could reduce the height. (at a cost of higher distortion and higher price) -
EMA Absorber In addition to the mono fiber elements, a second fiber is used in the construction of the multi fiber. Extra-mural absorption (EMA)fibers are special black absorbing fibers, inserted between (or in place of) mono fibers, which will absorb stray (scat-tered) light in the fiber optic material.

Common Types are products specification that we previously made or used in real application.

wdt_ID SKU Large End Diameter Small End Diameter Magnification Raito Fiber Diameter (Large End)
1 sfot1 54.27x30.02 19.52x10.8 2.78 6.00
2 sfot2 D18 5.7x3.3 2.73 6.00
3 sfot3 D70 14.5x14.5 2.60 6.00
4 sfot4 D23.2 7.5x5 2.50 6.00
5 sfot5 D39.72 12.4x9.945 2.50 6.00
6 sfot6 D20 6.4x4.8 2.50 6.00
7 sfot7 D20 6.4x4.8 2.50 6.00
8 sfot8 47.82x26.46 19.52x10.8 2.45 6.00
9 sfot9 D35 11.3x11.3 2.34 10.00
10 sfot10 D38 12.4x9.945 2.30 6.00
11 sfot11 D25 D11 2.30 6.00
13 sfot13 D18 6.4x4.8 2.25 6.00
14 sfot14 D20 7.5x5 2.25 6.00
15 sfot15 D18 6.4x4.8 2.25 4.00
16 sfot16 D20 7.5x5 2.25 6.00
17 sfot17 D56 D25 2.24 10.00
18 sfot18 D25 8.8x6.6/ D11 2.20 6.00
19 sfot19 D27 D15 2.20 6.00
20 sfot20 D25 D11 2.20 6.00
21 sfot21 D35 11.3x11.3 2.20 6.00
22 sfot22 D17.5 6.4x4.8 2.10 6.00
25 sfot25 D20 7.5x5 2.00 6.00
27 sfot27 D31.78 12.4x9.945 2.00 6.00
28 sfot28 D20 D10 2.00 6.00
29 sfot29 D17.5 6.4x4.8 2.00 6.00
30 sfot30 D56 D28 2.00 6.00
31 sfot31 D18 9.00 2.00 6.00
32 sfot32 D17.5 6.4x4.8 2.00 6.00
33 sfot33 D27 11.5*7 2.00 6.00
34 sfot34 D16 6.4x4.8 2.00 6.00
35 sfot35 D22 D11 2.00 6.00
37 sfot37 D53.086 30.12 1.90 6.00
38 sfot38 D15.5 6.4x4.8 1.85 6.00
40 sfot40 D30 11.9x11.9 1.81 6.00
41 sfot41 D40 15.6x15.6 1.73 6.00
42 sfot42 27x27 15.6x15.6 1.73 6.00
43 sfot43 D18 7.2x5.3 1.70 6.00
44 sfot44 D18 8.8x6.6 1.63 6.00
45 sfot45 D40 D25 1.60 10.00
46 sfot46 40x40 25x25 1.60 6.00
47 sfot47 40x40 25x25 1.60 10.00
48 sfot48 30x30 19x19 1.58 6.00
49 sfot49 30.06x16.63 19.52x10.8 1.54 6.00
51 sfot51 D18 5.7x3.3 2.73 6.00
52 exsfot1 D41.5 D15.5 3.04 6.00
53 exsfot2 D40 11.3x7.11 3.00 6.00
54 exsfot3 D41 D13.7 3.00 6.00
55 exsfot4 D52 D17.33 3.00 6.00
56 exsfot5 D18 6.00 3.00 6.00
57 exsfot6 D41 D13.7 3.00 6.00

Fiber Optic Taper are usually customized made, but we sometime will have stocked sample (with defects or smaller size)

You can inquiry us about the sample status through team@szphoton.com

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