Introducing to Fiber Optic Plates…

Fiber optic plate (FOP) is a component made of fused coherent fibers. It can precisely transmit image from input surface to output surface.

FOP can be used as Optical Isolator and Filter; it can absorb stray light during transmission and improving the SNR (signal to noise ratio).

FOP can be also used as a substrate of Xray Scintillator. It can absorb the excessive radiation which could do harm to the sensor.

In some other cases, FOP can used as coupler for complex design. for example: extraction image from a curve plane to a flat sensory surface.

The price of fiber optic plate heavily depends on its geometry dimension and fiber(element) configuration.

Usually, fiber optic plate under Ø25mm (diagonal) will quite affordable. The price could range from 5-15usd depending on the configuration. And the price could be further reduced in a large quantity (e.g : 10K pcs)

However, when the dimension goes beyond Ø100mm, the price will be increased a lot. (e.g: 1,000 US dollars+)

We strongly recommend buying some cheapy in-stock FOPs from us. Which can help you understand better about its characteristics.

We will recommend below sample for your inspection:
– Ø25mm Round Sample (4-6um mono Fiber size)
– 10mm x 10mm Square Sample (4-6um mono Fiber Size)

Standard Fiber Optic Plate (sFOP) >
– High Numerical Aperture (0.85 – 1.0)
– Absorb Stray Light
– Surface with different shapes (Concave, Plano, Convex…)

Low Numerical Aperture Fiber Optic Plate (lnaFOP) >
– Low Numerical Aperture (0.1 – 0.4)
– Use as angular filter

Dental Xray Fiber Optic Plate (dxFOP) >
– Protect Intra-oral sensor from Xray damage
– Substrate of scintillator
– Improving SNR (by absorbing stray light)

Radiation Hardening Fiber Optic Plate (rhFOP) >
– Protect sensor from heavy Xray penetration