Micro Channel Plate

Micro Channel Plate (MCP)

Pore diameter:
5~50µm or on request

Bias Angle:

≥104 (1000V)

Surface Resistance:
≤ 100Ω

Open area ratio:
≥ 60%

Electrode material:

Bulk Resistance:

Bake out temperature:
≤ 500℃

Micro Channel Plate Features:

  • Round or rectangular shape and any other shape upon request
  • Standard Size 25mm,33mm,up to 50mm

Photo Multiplier/ Image Intensifier / X-ray Image Intensifier/ High Speed Oscillscope/ Photon Account/ Detect for Soft X-rays, UV Photons, Electrons, Ions, Charged Patricales and Subatomic Particles

wdt_ID Attributes Value
1 Pore diameter 5~50µm or on request
2 Open area ratio ≥ 60%
3 Bias angle 0~20°
4 Electrode material Ni-Cr
5 Gain ≥104 (1000V)
6 Bulk Resistance 30~300MΩ
7 Surface Resistance ≦ 100Ω
8 Bake out temperature ≤ 500 ℃

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